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[FLASH / NEWS] Naruto: Ninjas of Konoha - episode 2

2007-07-22 20:39:00 by Yivyn

Naruto, Ninjas of Konoha Progress Report

Well, some of you don't know. There's only 5 episodes (left) of NoK (the actual tournament) before it goes towards the 2nd story arc.

Here's a list of Episode titlesfor the rest of the 1st season. As well, I added an OP/ED list too.

OP #1: NAME by RIZE (ep. 2-6)
ED #1: Alive by Raiko (ep. 1)
ED #2: Supernova by ELLEGARDEN (ep. 2-6)

Episode 2: Phantom Memory
Episode 3: Murder Princess
Episode 4: Shadow Star
Episode 5: Gravitation
Episode 6: Heaven And Earth

I'm trying to get this done because Naruto: Aura of the Twilight (the 2nd story arc) is actually going to be a webcomic, with an animated episode every 50 comics :3

Ciao for now



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