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Thinking in Pixels

2007-07-24 11:32:48 by Yivyn

Thinking In Pixels

Thinking in Pixels is a comedic spinoff of a planned out series that's been in the works for the past few years - digital.eternity: ONLINE.

Thinking in Pixels is basically a take on the everyday life of d.e:O characters, primarily Yivyn Azuderé and Xynrai Mizuhara. The first episode is currently in the process of being looked over and given a new draft. Backgrounds are being designed by yours truly, Yivyn, and the character designs, by Xynrai.

Expect the first episode here sometime in the next few weeks!


Naruto, Ninjas of Konoha Progress Report

Well, some of you don't know. There's only 5 episodes (left) of NoK (the actual tournament) before it goes towards the 2nd story arc.

Here's a list of Episode titlesfor the rest of the 1st season. As well, I added an OP/ED list too.

OP #1: NAME by RIZE (ep. 2-6)
ED #1: Alive by Raiko (ep. 1)
ED #2: Supernova by ELLEGARDEN (ep. 2-6)

Episode 2: Phantom Memory
Episode 3: Murder Princess
Episode 4: Shadow Star
Episode 5: Gravitation
Episode 6: Heaven And Earth

I'm trying to get this done because Naruto: Aura of the Twilight (the 2nd story arc) is actually going to be a webcomic, with an animated episode every 50 comics :3

Ciao for now